Alexandria Kentucky Engagement | Kaitlin + Ben

Kaitlin + Ben decided to keep our engagement session local in the city of Alexandria Kentucky! Had an absolutely wonderful time with these two gems! I can't wait for their wedding day in October! It will be beautiful! Read more about their proposal story as told by Kaitlin here: Ben and his sister-in-law had secretly been planning the details of the proposal. A few Christmases ago, his sister-in-law bought his mom a picture frame where each child/couple held a blank picture frame where she photoshopped a letter of their last name in it, "Rawe." They told me that we had to update these pictures since they were very old, there's new babies in the family, grandkids, etc. I dressed up for the occasion and headed over to her place after church. They took us down to her creek in the back yard that had a pretty, wooden bridge across it. We took many pictures with different poses holding a blank picture frame. Later she pulled out a chalkboard eisel that was asking "Will you marry me," in Spanish. I had just returned from living in Guatemala for 2 months, and they knew my love for Spanish. This eisel was facing the camera and I had no idea. We progressed closer to the camera and the eisel. Eventually they had me come to the front of it, Ben asked me if I could read it, got down on one knee, and then he pulled out the ring as soon as it dawned on me. I was so surprised and didn't see it coming. Our sister-in-law caught the whole thing on camera. It was a very special day!


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