Alexandria Ky Campfire Engagement | Kelly + John

I just adored Kelly + Johns Campfire Engagement Session in Alexandria, Kentucky. At John's house. It couldnt have been anymore 'them.' Read on to hear about how their proposal went down!

It was a typical, but special date night for Kelly and John seeing that it was their year and a half anniversary of dating. Their very first date had taken place at a restaurant in Newport, Kentucky named Pompillios. So it was only right to continue the tradition and eat their for their anniversary. As they strolled into the restaurant the waitress sat them in that very same cozy spot they had their first date at. Some would call that a coincidence, but most would call it a sign.

John had told Kelly that after they were done eating they would need to pick up his brother Jake at Newport on the Levee after his movie was over and that Jake would be coming over to the house to hang out with some friends.  John nervously rushed Kelly into the levee and told her that they would just wait on the outskirts of the movie area for Jake.  Kelly didn't understand why John insisted on taking her out in the cold when they could simply wait in the car for Jake.

As they were walking through the levee there was a mime that Kelly suggested they stopped to watch. John kept a tight grip on Kelly's hand and proceeded to walk elsewhere. There was also a magic store that Kelly had been wanting to see and John still insisted 'no' and directed her towards the escalator. At this point Kelly was a bit suspicious wondering why John didn't want to kill time. John had other plans, and it was becoming clear that this was a mission of some sort.  Kelly was still very unsure just what kind of mission they were on.

While walking towards the theatre, a random lady came up to Kelly and John and asked if she could draw a caricature of them. John quickly said "sure!". Kelly flipped him a look half confused why John didn't care how much money it was and why it was okay to kill time doing this, and not the other things Kelly had suggested. She rolled with it. The lady took about 10 minutes to draw them and was asking questions while she was drawing with her black tip marker. "What do you do for fun? What do you do for a living?" were some of the casual conversational questions and then she asked "how did you meet?"  John was anxious to reply "I've always had a crush on Kelly through out high school but she was always dating someone." The lady replys, "well, speaking of crushes..." and turns the picture around. The picture was of Kelly and Johns faces enlarged with tiny little bodies with John on one knee and in a comic blip the words written "will you marry me" jumped out at Kelly like wild fire. Then she quickly turned to find John on one knee. Kelly quickly grabbed him up and took it all in and said yes.

"Well are you ready to go? Everyone is at the house waiting for us!" John said matter of factly. Everything hit Kelly with a whirlwind of excitement "You mean your brother isn't here!!?" John chuckled, "No, all of our friends and family are already at the house waiting for us!" Kelly was still in shock on the way home. She just stared at her beautiful ring the whole time and was so impressed that John had picked it out all by himself. Kelly was so proud of the ring he choose for her, and everything that he had planned for her. John knew she was a keeper and had been planning this all along for six months prior.

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