Alexandria Kentucky Engagement | Britney + Nicolas

We decided to take Britney and Nicolas's photos in Alexandria Kentucky and Oh Britney + Nicolas, you guys rock! They trusted me to take them to this random lot on the side of the double A where there was a bobcat two feet away from them. They actually drove past it probably thinking to themselves "this can't be it." hah! We then proceeded to have the rest of the session at my home where we incorporated a vintage bike as well as some elements that were personal to them. Read about how Nicolas proposed as told by Britney here: We went to visit my parents in Seoul Korea. Nicolas had not originally planned on proposing there, but after spending so much time traveling and adventuring together he knew he wanted to make our trip that much more special. That night all four of us got super dressed up and made our way to Seoul tower ( it overlooks the entire city) In the taxi this old korean man started singing love songs to Nicolas and I (which was entirely coincidental and not planned at all) I could tell something was up, especially after my parents started nudging each other during the hilarious serenade. We ate dinner at a fancy italian dinner, and went up to the top of the tower. As we were looking out at the city Nicolas got down on one knee and proposed to me in front of everyone who was in the tower so as soon as I said yes the whole room exploded in applause.

Golden Hour Couple in Field Golden Hour Couple in Field golden hour couple in field golden hour couple in field golden hour couple in field 2015-11-07_0015.jpg 2015-11-07_0016.jpg vintage bike vintage bike ring shot vintage bike engagement 2015-11-07_0020.jpg 2015-11-07_0021.jpg 2015-11-07_0022.jpg 2015-11-07_0023.jpg 2015-11-07_0024.jpg vintage engagement

vintage engagement session

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