Beckett Ridge Cincinnati Ohio Wedding | Stephanie + Rob

It was a wonderful wedding on the Fourth of July at Beckett Ridge Golf Course in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It all started when Rob walked into Toot's where Stephanie worked with a group of friends. Stephanie knew the whole time that her friend Heidi was bringing him to meet her. Rob had no idea he was actually going to meet the love of his life for the very first time. They hit it off as Heidi had suspected and they had their first date on February 28th 2013 and have been together ever since.

Now begins their life as husband and wife. Stephanie had described her and Rob as a laid back and go with the flow type of couple, and their wedding was just that! It was as sweet as a nice summer breeze on a beach, ending with fireworks in the mid summers night.

I wish you both all the best and keep on laughing together and at each other. (You should see the gallery, there were some priceless moments with friends)


Shout out to my second shooter sam who seriously rocks out on ring shots. 2015-07-05_0002.jpg

2015-07-05_0003.jpg 2015-07-05_0004.jpg 2015-07-05_0005.jpg 2015-07-05_0006.jpg 2015-07-05_0007.jpg

Flowers are absolutely stunning and held up wonderfully throughout the whole day.

2015-07-05_0008.jpg 2015-07-05_0009.jpg

Stephanie's gorgeous dress was from Bridal + Formal in Reading Bridal District. 2015-07-05_0010.jpg 2015-07-05_0011.jpg 2015-07-05_0012.jpg

The sweet flower girl was terrified and ran screaming up the aisle, she managed to still do her job though and spread some pedals for the bride! Both were too cute!

2015-07-05_0013.jpg 2015-07-05_0014.jpg 2015-07-05_0015.jpg 2015-07-05_0018.jpg 2015-07-05_0019.jpg 2015-07-05_0020.jpg 2015-07-05_0025.jpg 2015-07-05_0021.jpg 2015-07-05_0023.jpg 2015-07-05_0022.jpg 2015-07-05_0024.jpg

Ceremony | Hartzell United Methodist Church 

Reception | Beckett Ridge Golf Club West Chester, Ohio

DJ | Cincy Wedding Services

Cake | Cocoa-Bites 

Catering | Jeannettes Delicacies

Make-up | Timothy's A Spa

Photography | L Hunley Photography