Devou Park, Kentucky Engagement | Danielle + Ryan

I had such a fabulous time with Ryan + Danielle at Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky. They both beamed of happiness and brought along their adorable boys. Did I mention that Danielle was only post 1 month after delivery?? Yep she looked amazing and would make most people jealous! They had a wedding a month later at Riverside Gardens. Their wedding post will be up soon! You don't want to miss it! 2015-09-03_0014.jpg 2015-09-03_0015.jpg 2015-09-03_0012.jpg 2015-09-03_0016.jpg 2015-09-03_0013.jpg 2015-09-03_0017.jpg 2015-09-03_0018.jpg 2015-09-03_0019.jpg 2015-09-03_0020.jpg 2015-09-03_0021.jpg 2015-09-03_0022.jpg 2015-09-03_0023.jpg 2015-09-03_0024.jpg