Do you edit and give me every picture you take?

Two letters.  N-O. 

Do you edit what you give me? YES.  

why you ask?  I'll tell you why. There are several reasons :

1. I mess up.  I'm human.

I shoot in full manual mode. I tell my camera what to do, and sometimes I'm wrong. Okay, lots of times I'm wrong. And me being wrong leads to totally blown out images, camera shakes, underexposed images  etc. 

2. Ain't nobody got time for that.  

No really,  I don't. You don't. We all don't have time for 500 pictures of an engagement session. I edit all the images you receive from me. I do not have time to edit 500 images from your engagement session nor would you want all 522 images from your session. Please don't tell me you would print out all of those. Because you wouldn't. 

3. Ever seen a picture of yourself and just thought okay let me delete that?

yeah. I do that for you. I can honestly say I've never came across a session where everyone had the perfect smile or expression for every frame I took. It just doesn't happen. You blink, you move a piece of hair, you cough, you sneeze. So therefore I delete those where you just aren't looking your usually beautiful self. ;) 

4. I'm an artist. 

Yes I said it. Giving you all of my Raw files and every photo would mean I would be giving you the piece of the artwork before it was finished. Have you sat down to write an essay and just had to throw away several copies before you got it right? Same for me. I curate-polish-and then give you the final pieces that best reflect the beautiful session we had together.