Erlanger, Kentucky | Melissa + Trent

The first image I am going to post is one of my favorites. I will tell you why. I may have moved them to a location where the light was better. However, this is the pose they were in before I told them what to do. Mother nature decided to make it rain on their day that they have been waiting for for twelve years. Yes guys you heard that right, twelve years! They are high school sweethearts! Trent had been working very hard for months on the farm to get it wedding ready for them, and for it to pour down rain like it did it was a heartbreaker for everyone. They were holding each other and loving on each other even when they were thrown a tough card.  When things didn't necessarily go as picture perfect as planned they wiped the tears from each others eyes and loved each other through the storm. And friends, thats what a marriage is all about. To choose to still love each other through difficult times, to give each other grace, and to accept and appreciate the loving support from others around you and never take it for granted. 

Congratulations you two! You have built quite the beautiful story from the ground up, and created the prettiest little flower girl I have ever seen! 

Wedding Coordinator + Decor | Dana Renae Designs 

Florist | Swans Florist

DJ | Steve Bender Entertainment 

Makeup Artist | Karyn Ipin 

Hair Artist | Faith Stabler