Findlay Market Cincinnati, Engagement Session | Adrienne + Drew

I have never had the pleasure of taking photos around Findlay Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a little gem filled with lots of charm and lots of colors. Adrienne suggested this place and I am so glad she did!

They started the session off with some beverages and it was all fun from there. Exploring different areas, finding what worked and what didn't. The day was totally overcast, but guess what? I am so okay with that. FYI photographers an overcast sky is like a large soft box. Can you say even lighting? Never shy away from a "crummy" overcast day. They make your job a little bit easier.

Drew always did a fabulous job at making Adrienne laugh. Whatever he was whispering to her was always on point for a giggle from her. They seem very at ease with one another and it is was such a joy to see. Findlay Market Engagement Session Findlay Market Engagement Session Findlay Market Engagement Session Findlay Market Engagement Session Findlay Market Engagement SessionFindlay Market Engagement SessionFindlay Market Engagement SessionI was obsessed with this area ^ The colors etc. I must have made them stay there for 15 minutes or so. Who doesn't love brick and added rainbow colors? Can't forget the cat food area that was behind them. We got a kick out of that. Fun fact: Adrienne was in love with all the colors and buildings as much as I was. She has an appreciation for architecture and run down buildings like I do. She mentioned her whole family was on the artsy side, so that would make sense. She also plays the violin, so I guess you could say we are both "right" brained people.  Findlay Market Engagement

 Can't wait for their wedding in a few weeks! I am so happy we were able to squeeze in their engagement session!