First5 App

I must write about this wonderful app called "First5"  

This app is your daily devotion that wakes you up at the time of your choice and to take five minutes to start your day off with a short devotion. This app has been a game changer for me. Really it has.  Some mornings, I'm not going to lie I silence it to catch up on some more shut eye. (I'm guilty) however I always catch up with it in the day because it's my five minutes of strength. I feel renewed and hopeful after I spend some time in The Word. 

Also every devotion comes with a beautiful graphic with a great quote to carry with you. Today's quote was: 



This quote is so true.  Whatever your facing you can lay down at the foot of Christ. The battle is already won. 

My advice today would be to download that app. Take the five minutes a day to grow closer to God and learn from The Word. Your day is sure to be much better knowing that whatever battle you face, you do not have to face it alone when you have Jesus.