Fort Thomas Kentucky Mess Hall Wedding | Meghan + Zack

Loved this wedding that took place at the Fort Thomas Kentucky Mess Hall.  Meghan + Zack were such an amazing couple to work with. They are a strong team made up of patience, kindness, and love towards each other and others around them. These two met eight years ago lifeguarding at Coney Island and now they are Mr. + Mrs. Kasten! Congratulations to both of you.  I loved a lot of things to do with their wedding. Most of all I loved how much Zack + Meghan love each other, and all the awesome friends and family they have surrounding them. 2015-09-28_0001.jpg 2015-09-28_0002.jpg 2015-09-28_0003.jpg 2015-09-28_0004.jpg 2015-09-28_0005.jpg 2015-09-28_0006.jpg 2015-09-28_0007.jpg 2015-09-28_0008.jpg 2015-09-28_0009.jpg 2015-09-28_0010.jpg 2015-09-28_0011.jpg 2015-09-28_0012.jpg 2015-09-28_0013.jpg 2015-09-28_0014.jpg 2015-09-28_0015.jpg 2015-09-28_0016.jpg 2015-09-28_0017.jpg 2015-09-28_0018.jpg