How to create the perfect timeline for your wedding day

wedding day spring grove

I am going to be honest with you guys! A timeline can make or break your day. I am writing today to help you create a timeline that will work for you based on what a photographer usually needs for each section of the day. This does not apply to every photographer and each one is different, but I would love to share with you how much time I need, or would want you to have during the day for each segment of pictures! 

First off, I want you to know if you have booked me and I am your photographer--rest assured I will go over this timeline with you and actually create it for you! (leave the hard stuff to me) Chances are you've never created a wedding day timeline ;)  So with that being said I will send a pre-questionnaire that will give me all the details I need to create a mock up timeline a few months prior to your wedding date, then a month out--or a bit before if you are a planner we can go over the timeline together and ensure we are all on the same page! This meeting is always fun and leaves my brides feeling totally relaxed and excited for their big day knowing everything is under control! 

Here is the around about time I need for each part of the day! 

Make up, Getting Ready, Details  |  45 minutes

Bride putting on dress | 45 minutes 

First Look | 15 minutes  ( Yes! Most of my couples choose this route, and I encourage it sometimes especially during certain months, but no worries if its not for you!) 

Bride + Groom Portraits | 30-45 minutes 

Wedding Party Portraits | 15 minutes 

Bride + Bridesmaids Portraits | 15 minutes 

Groom + Groomsmen Portraits | 15 minutes 

Ceremony | These usually end up lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes 

Family Portraits | 25 minutes (usually shorter if its a smaller family!) 

Sunset Portraits | 10 minutes 

And thats it! :) The rest is celebrating candid style at your reception! Woohoo! 

So trust me--I know putting together your timeline can be overwhelming, but honestly check with your photographer--they should know exactly how to help you in regards to the day and how to ensure it runs smoothly! If you have more questions about this please let me know! I could chat all day about timelines, but thought I would give you a general idea of how much time is needed for what! Hope this helps friends!