Lessons in Everyday Life

Some thoughts for the day:

If your life was perfect and never negative, you would have nothing to write about. You wouldn't be able to encourage. You wouldnt be able to relate to the struggles we go through. God sends you through struggles to help you be relatable. At least I believe He does, but in the midst of the struggle I know He is there. Kinda like how we make our kids learn the hard way sometimes? You will realize that when and if you are a parent.

I just left the book store crying. I took the kids and we had a wonderful day at the aquarium and they were both behaving and I told my daughter that maybe she could pick out a book. She insisted she wanted a stuffed pony (my little pony fanatic) I told her not right now and maybe for christmas, but you still get to pick out an awesome book. She threw a fit and was screaming in the book store. So I told her okay so now you cant have a pony or a book. Bad behavior does not get rewarded. Anyways. It was a production and an embarrassing one at that. One that made me feel like a failure. A failure as a parent. A failure as a mother. It would have been easy for me to just have let her have the book and appease her.

But sometimes God makes us struggle and scream through it to learn. I am not sure if thats relatable or not, but it certainly was upsetting to me and I am sure thats how God feels when He knows He has to teach us lessons. Not very good about it, but He is building our character for our greater good. 

As my toddler was still screaming I put her in the car seat and on the radio came Matthew West's "Strong Enough" 

"I know Im not strong enough to be everything that Im supposed to be, I give up, Im not strong enough, hands of mercy wont you cover me lord right now Im asking you to be strong enough, strong enough for the both of us." Then he sings part of Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" which is one of my favorite verses.

Friends, We aren't doing this alone. We have God to help us and hold our hand along the way.