Let's Take A Back Road | Date Night Idea


I love driving back roads! Maybe its the Kentucky Girl in me, but I totally dig a good back road. (More specifically when I am driving) Nothing is as fun to me as hopping in the car on a pretty day or night and listening to some tunes with the windows down and driving to destination unknown! Corey and I would do this often when we were dating and prior to children! And then again, when Raelynn was born because she just didn't care to sleep as a newborn. Anyone else have to put their baby in the car at all hours of the night just to get them to sleep? You weren't alone. 

But back to the point--Corey and I would take random trips all the time. Jamming out to music under the stars. One time we made it all the way to Knoxville Tennessee which is like 4 hours away from us. We got out of the car to use the restroom and then drove back home. Random I know, but one night I will never forget because of how much fun we had singing, talking, and enjoying each others company. So if you get the chance--hop in the car and take a drive to anywhere and don't use a map. Just drive! You never know where you will end up. And do me a favor and listen to ONE Creedence Clearwater song for me. (It's perfect road trip music) 

couple driving