Marriage Tip Mondays

Yes, this is going to be a thing. Marriage tip Mondays. I believe in marriage. I believe in what it stands for and I believe we can't do this alone. Marriage can be work. It really, really can sometimes. So I have decided to put together little reminders, encouragers, things to think about and pray about for your marriage each week. 

The quotes I will be posting will not be my own words. I mean, maybe once or twice. But mostly this advice will come from people whom I admire, people who have educated themselves on the subject, The Bible. etc.

I have read and continue to read quite a bit in regards to marriage. There was a time in my life when I read a lot more about it then I care to admit because my marriage was beginning to feel like a job and I was tired, and he was tired. So something needed to be renewed. I found answers through educating myself on marriage in general,  through much needed prayer, love, and mostly patience from God I got some answers.  

So here it is. Marriage tip Mondays. I am ready to rock this, and the cool thing, I get to use my pictures of my pretty clients for the quotes! Keep a look out on Mondays for the next tip!