Melbourne Kentucky Engagement | Rachael + Cliff

The engagement happened at Newport on the Levee, Rachael knew something was up because Cliff had suggested walking around outside and Rachael was wondering why because it was cold and she didn't really feel like it and he was acting more nervous than usual. (Plus it didn't help she had found papers from the purchase of the ring in the mail) It didn't matter though because it was still so special for the both of them.  

We started off the engagement session right, at their home! I got to take a peek inside and Rachael is a Joanna Gaines. Everything in that house is cutely decorated or well on its way to be.  We had a blast just finding different areas in their yard to shoot and then decided to hit up downtown silver grove for some extra portraits because why not? It was all a hometown cozy feel which was totally THEM. I couldn't get over the way Cliff looked at Rachael. It was like he was looking at his whole world when he looked at Rachael. That's the way it should be. They are blessed to have each other!