Muhlhauser Barn West Chester Ohio | Michaela + Jake

We missed the snow by a day, but when you have a sweet couple driving in from Indiana you take on the engagement session rain or shine--or 10 degrees with the windchill ;) We decided to head to Muhlhauser Barn in West Chester Ohio since it was close by to her parents home so she didn't have to travel any further than they had already came! 

You would never know how cold it was because these two were cuddling even when they weren't even prompted to. These two love for each other out shined the amount of cold in the air. I want to share with you guys the proposal story because it is a beautiful one. 

Michaela wanted to hurry and head back to Indiana to prepare for the week ahead, and was aggravated that Jake wanted to hang out for a bit longer. Jake told her he would make it up to her by catching some breakfast up at a bakery in Glendale. They ended up out on a patio, listening to music and seeing some beautiful humming birds over some nice conversation. It was just the both of them and it felt like they were the only two around. Jake wanted to know if Michaela wanted to go for a walk and Michaela obliged. They made it to a beautiful gazebo and right then and there Jake got down on his knee with the perfect ring asking if she would spend the rest of her life with him. Jake even thought to have a photographer capture the moment. Michaela was in complete shock, come to find out that Jake had asked her fathers permission, and even had a party waiting for her at home. To this day she still gets goosebumps thinking back on that beautiful day. 

couple in front of teal door in west chester ohio
couple laughing

Thank you two for being so awesome! I can't wait till your wedding day in the warmth of June! :)