Neltners Farm Wedding Kentucky | Kaitlin + Ben

There were a few things I will never forget about Kaitlin & Bens wedding day. One would be the smile that just couldn't be wiped off of Bens face if you tried when he was looking at Kaitlin. It was mentioned in Kaitlin's Aunts speech where she said "Ben has a smile that just lights up the room, and that if you are ever mad at him Kaitlin, just look at his smile." I thought it was sweet that she wanted to talk to Kaitlin since Kaitlin was the last woman to have the Steffen name. It was a tear jerker for sure. 

Also I could never forget the fact that one of Kaitlin's brother wrote her a song. It was silly, and quirky, but most of all it was full of love for his little sister. He preformed it with his guitar and sang while Kaitlin & Ben danced and laughed along the way. Both families come from special bonds but as Kaitlin & Ben joined together in marriage that bond that they brought together will be reinforced and carried on as an even stronger bond. 

I wish these two souls nothing but love, joy, and grace upon their marriage all of their days. Thank you for letting me be apart of something so special.