Receptions Erlanger, Kentucky Wedding | Christian + Terra

It was yet another beautiful evening at Receptions in Erlanger, Kentucky. It was the joining of two families. Christian and Terra have already had the precious baby boy that was present in Terra's tummy during their wedding and I couldn't be more excited for them.  Christian and the little princesses danced to "I don't dance" By Lee Brice. Which was a tearful moment for everyone and a memorable one at that. 2015-07-13_0004.jpg 2015-07-13_0005.jpg 2015-07-13_0006.jpg

Terra looked made a radiant bride. 2015-07-13_0007.jpg

The sweet family of four, soon to be five with Christian's + Terra's baby boy on the way! 2015-07-13_0002.jpg 2015-07-13_0008.jpg

I won't ever forget this beautiful moment when Christian danced with his two "new" daughters. 2015-07-13_0009.jpg