untitled-88 (my little one is in between the two pink tutu's shes in the blue and purple at her first dance recital :)

Update on what I've been up to. Which will be best explained in a bullet list.

  • Tending to my unruly, funny, demanding, starving 10 month old. The best way to describe him. Think of a puppy. Then there is Jay, Jay the puppy baby. He takes up almost all of my day. Unless he is sleeping. Then I get a minute. Thank God for Baby naps.
  • Hanging out with my husband. Hanging out as a family. This is unusual and wonderful.  Also happening due to unfortunate circumstances of him losing his job. However It's been great for our family in the sense that we are actually a family again. He doesn't have to work at night and sleep all day and then go back to work. Hes not in a foreign country or deployed. (Thank God for that. We've done that before and I really don't care to do it again)
  • I've been working on myself. Working on my body and health. Making exercising a priority. Not just a maybe if I get to it type of thing. And I feel SO much better when I do.  You can't take care of your family properly if you're not taking care of yourself.
  • Relying on God. Letting go and letting Him do His work and knowing that He will provide if I continue to improve myself and work hard.
  • Keeping up with running a business as well. I have reached my limit on weddings this year and I am so thankful and feeling super blessed that I have not only met my goal but exceeded my goal. God is good all the time. And His timing. His timing is perfect. Seriously.
  • Housework. The fun housework. The kind that changes how your home looks. Painting (not so fun). Landscaping. Making plans on how to make our home a better home to be in. It's exciting and I am thrilled I get to talk plans with hubby and actually execute them.
  • Maybe add a fur baby to the mix? I don't know we will see, but why not? :)

Just checking in and updating y'all. Much love