Riverside Gardens Dayton, Kentucky | Tiffany + Adam

Tiffany + Adam! You guys were just such a blast! Can I be apart of your family? There was not a dull moment through out the day. Especially when it came time for the reception! Those Reeds know how to party! :) Thanks for letting me take part in your special day. 

bride and groom at bellevue beach park
bride getting ready in kentucky
groomsmen at bellevue beach park in kentucky
Secret Garden Florist

The lovely flowers came from the Secret Garden.

bridesmaids at bellevue beachpark

The BB Riverboat had the perfect timing for a backdrop.

Aren't their boys the absolute cutest?

This just sums up how cute they are together.

Hands down the best garter toss I have ever witnessed. It included a hard hat with a light on it--you know for searching through everything, and my favorite--confetti!!!!