Shelby + Tanner | Indiana Engagement Session

I have said it once and I will say it again. Shelby & Tanner are the type of couple that just let you be yourself at any multitude. Where you feel comfortable and welcomed in their presence. They show grace & kindness towards each other. Which transcends to showing grace and kindness to whoever they meet. Shelby & Tanner--I ask that you never stop sharing the tender love you share towards one another. I ask that you continue to manifest it, hold on to it dearly,  and continue to root it in Jesus.

I also want to share the story of the proposal because I love sharing their story. As told by Shelby:  "I was in Morehead visiting Tanner for the weekend and we had decided long before that we were going to go to Natural Bridge (we went over the summer with my family, but Tanner got sick so I stayed back to take care of him). So we take the  gorgeous hike up to the top of Natural Bridge and explore around the edges a bit. Of course, I get distracted by the beauty of it all and start exploring as he's trying to get me to come over to him so he can ask me to be his wife, but I obviously didn't know that. He finally gets me to come over to him (because I had been exploring near the edge and the man is terrified of heights). He asks me a question we often ask one another, "Do you know how much I love you?" At this point I'm getting real antsy because I had been hoping that he'd propose for months and had the tiniest inkling that today was the day. I answer him by saying "so indescribably much." To which he responds by getting down on one knee and smiling up at me with the biggest smile I've ever seen and asks "Will you marry me?" Naturally, I respond by questioning whether he's serious or not! Haha! I was so excited that I began to tremble! I remember my knees feeling as if they were going to give out because of my excitement! Obviously I said yes and here we are today!"