Southern Ties Falmouth, Kentucky | Desirae+Derek

Desirae and Derek's wedding took place in Northern Kentucky at Southern Ties in Falmouth, Kentucky. There was much emotion surrounding this beautiful day and I was so happy to be apart of it. Derek is totally head over heels for his bride and it is so refreshing to see. They have a beautiful little girl together and together they make the perfect family! Best wishes to you both. Hope your day was everything you dreamt of and more! How he proposed as told by Desirae: We went to festival of lights with family and we sat to take a picture with Santa, when Santa asked what we wanted for Christmas Derek said I want this girl to say yes, when I turned to look he was already on one knee. Totally cheesy but unique and cute. 2015-09-16_0009.jpg

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His reaction of seeing his bride for the first time was the by far the best one I have ever captured! 2015-09-16_0019.jpg 2015-09-16_0020.jpg 2015-09-16_0022.jpg 2015-09-16_0023.jpg 2015-09-16_0024.jpg 2015-09-16_0025.jpg 2015-09-16_0026.jpg 2015-09-16_0027.jpg 2015-09-16_0028.jpg 2015-09-16_0029.jpg 2015-09-16_0030.jpg 2015-09-16_0031.jpg 2015-09-16_0032.jpg 2015-09-16_0033.jpg 2015-09-16_0034.jpg