Stonebrook Winery Camp Springs, KY Engagement Session | Paige + Ryan


Happy to have finally been able to blog this session. I didn't do so right away because I actually had it featured on another wedding blog which was an honor! There are so many things I totally loved about this wine themed engagement session in Camp Spring, KY at StoneBrook Winery. Which by the way has the most delicious wine in all of Kentucky in my opinion. Do yourself a favor and purchase any of their wine. You will not regret it at all.

Would you believe me if I told you that this whole session the weather was totally overcast and so hot and kinda grey and dull. (Like I said I always welcome an overcast sky, but sometimes you just want those peeks of the sun.) I told Paige + Ryan not to worry, I wouldn't let their photos turn out bland like the day was. I am glad they trusted me, because man did we end up with a great session! Can I just tell you how much I love Paige + Ryan together? They are completely comfortable with each other and are very laid back.

Can we talk about these wine bottles for a save the date idea: Fabulous right? Paige did such a great job on these. Stonebrook Winery Camp Springs KY Stonebrook Winery Camp Springs KY Stone Brook Winery Camp Springs KY Stonebrook Winery Camp Springs KY

vcnaO9wwVCYzRHfTssquqipvvrz7NTAKZvVaRu6DxdM,Z1rhWbYD8q_r0tlrBxbIr9uwVo4Qmk3WT7jvQikJofk,q-r_w9DC2XKA8BLSJouQ9saa0MPyb3QF6WgZXf0cSxY Stonebrook Winery Camp Springs KY Stonebrook Winery Camp Springs KYI can't tell you how excited I am for their wedding that is actually next week! :) It's going to be great, you don't want to miss it on the blog later folks.