The way they should go

This bible verse currently reminds me of the season I am in right now with my little ones. 

I can't get this time back with them. 

Time is moving so fast, and in the worst way I want it to zoom by. But I am wrong about wishing this time away--time needs to stand still. I remember late night drives with my first born like it was yesterday thinking that those nights would never ever end, and now she is graduating preschool and turning into a little independent lady. I remember a long terrible evening at the hospital with my second child that seemed like it was yesterday--and now that's almost a year later. He is now an explorative, smart almost two year old. 

Time moves too fast already, why wish it away? I plan on savoring it and being more present during it. 

Right now it's my job to really teach them the core values I want them to carry with them the rest of their life. I pray I am a decent role model and that I share God's truth with them, as well as try to guide them the way they should go.