What God has joined let no man separate | A mans testimony and his faithful wife

Matthew 19:6 Marriage Tip

"Where are my marbles? I can't find them." Those are the first words uttered after a long coma endured after a miracle. The 4'8 foot muslim surgeon was convinced he wasn't going to make it. Not a chance. The surgeon walked out to tell the wife that he had done all he could but he knew he would not come back from this.

The man fighting for his life had around 60 plus family and friends waiting in the waiting room in support of him and his family. His preacher was there as well and told the surgeon, "Wait, He isn't done fighting yet." "God's not done with him yet." They laid their hands on him and prayed. 

And that preacher was right. God wasn't done. 

Awesome things followed this near death brain aneurism.  The muslim surgeon CONVERTED to CHRISTIANITY, and this mans wife faithfully stood by her husbands side years after throughout his difficult recovery. 

When he came out of the coma, he had the capacity of a 5 year old. He was at that level of intelligence for TWO YEARS. Many therapists and family told his wife to give up, to send him to a mens home and be done. She faithfully stood by and trusted that God would take care and bring him out of this. He was a walking miracle! Of course he would come out of this state! And he did. 

I ran into this man at Auto Zone. I had ran over a skunk the night before and it still smells awful this morning. I needed new windshield wipers. So he came out to the car with me and I apologized for the awful smell. He told me "Oh I have no sense of smell." 

And that's where the story began. 

What a testimony the man has. It had to be shared in one way or the other. And I admire that wife. SO MUCH. Stick together in the GOOD and in BAD. In SICKNESS and in HEALTH. Think of the struggle those two years must have been when her husband was like dealing with a 5 year old! She still faithfully took care and put her trust in God. That's what marriage is. It's not giving up even through the hard times. It's loving each other at your best, and at your weakest. 

This is your marriage tip monday.

And you never know when you will hear someones testimony and how God will use you in big and in small ways.  :)