Verona Vineyards, Kentucky Engagement Session | Lauren + Kyle

It was an absolutely fantastic evening with these two! They chose to have their engagement photos near Verona Vineyards where his family owns some beautiful property. Lauren & Kyle actually hunt together there and Lauren has her very own food plot (don't worry, we took some photos down there too) These two brought their awesome energetic dogs for the session and I was so glad they did! I actually referred to them as their kids at one point, because they were like rambunctious toddlers and those Lauren and Kyle love them just like they would their kids! 

I learned that their first date was going hunting. Kyle knew she was a keeper after that. Also if you have hunted before or have a family member that does--you know how important it is for them to be looking for the next big buck. Well, Kyle loves Lauren so much that he let her take a shot at the biggest buck he has ever came across. Thats true love right there. Seriously. 

The two are so laid back and total love birds. I truly couldn't be happier that I get to take part in capturing their special day. Thanks for being so fun, wonderful, & gorgeous you guys! :)