Ways To Learn The Word of God

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The goal is to draw closer to The Word of God. To receive revelations from inside The Word and have them manifest on the outside. But we can't do that without being disciplined enough to want to LEARN what The Word says. Maybe you were like me once, where you were just bored with The bible, or maybe you were tired of asking questions that never were answered, maybe you felt like it didn't pertain to your life so whats the point? Wherever you are at with your walk with God--or with reading the bible--  let me encourage you to dive back into The Word. 

Have a plan on how you are going to read the bible. You can read it by going through a Bible study or a devotional. There are some great apps on your phone such as the You Version bible app.  They have a ton of devotionals and bible studies on there as well as many different translations of the bible. Pick a study and check mark it off as you go! You'll like this app if you like to check things off like me! Another great app is The First 5 App. I am using this now to go through the different books of the bible. It's been a great tool.  As you're opening up your bible. It's encouraged not to just open it up and search for something that speaks to you. The Bible is powerful and is Holy Spirit breathed, but its not a magic genie. It's not going to grant you wishes. I will admit though there has been times where I have opened my bible and I read exactly what I needed to hear. I am never doubting the power of His written words. But I want to encourage you to read with a system so you can further educate yourself on what He says, and not just what you've written or highlighted. 

Meditate on His Word. Really. Think about what you're reading. Let it soak in. Ask God for clarity on it. Before I open up my bible I usually ask the Holy Spirit to help me interpret what I am reading, and to see it with fresh eyes that are applicable to right now. 


Hear His Word. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. Romans 10:17 Again, I am going to mention the YouVersion app.  It will read the bible audibly for you. Sometimes I just play it when I am cleaning. You can also hear His Word through sermons, podcasts, etc the ways are endless.

Study The Word. Highlight, write down questions, journal what you are thinking. I most definitely write in the margins, or wherever a have space in my bible to include special person events, more info on the subject etc.  Or just things that speak to me during quiet time. Another fun attribute to make reading the bible even more pleasurable would be to decorate it! Look up Bible Journaling.

Speak His Word. What I mean by that is, DECLARE His word into your life's situation. Look up in scripture what you are struggling with, and then speak it over your life. Struggling with feeling weak or powerless? Is it an illness? Speak life over your illness. Example: "God, in your Word it says your grace is sufficient for me. It says that your power is made perfect in my weakness. Lord, I ask that I feel your grace upon this situation. I need your perfect power. Your perfect grace to come over me." 

Practice His Word. It does you no good to study His word, if you're not going to put it into practice. Someone once said its like asking the coach to put you in the game, but you're not willing to come to all the practices. Don't waste your time reading, if you don't plan on living out what you read. Soak it up, and ask God how you can apply it in your day to day life. 

Memorize His Word. This kind of goes along with meditate. But more so, its beneficial to have these scriptures written on your heart and remembered in your mind. So that when applicable, you can bring them up when dealing with sin, or an unbeliever. There has often been times where I am speaking to someone who has questions about the bible and thankfully the Holy Spirit will bring me right to a verse I need to speak to them. I wouldn't have that verse to give them if I hadn't studied it and remembered it myself. 

I want The Word of God to be something you are excited to dig into. I want it to change you from the inside out. It is my hope that you will find a new love and excitement when it comes into jumping into God's Word. I pray that each time you do, you learn something new and you apply it to your life. God's Word will never return void.