When discouragement hits for the creative, and social media doesn't help.

Before I sound ungrateful I can tell you if I look back at 2015 I can honestly say it's been an amazing, successful year for me and I feel extremely blessed. Hardwork, prayer, and dedication had really been the key ingredients to my success. To my work in progress.  2016 rolled around and I'm kinda in the dumps guys. Not going to lie. I had all these great ideas and a studio that was well on its way to be opened so I was purchasing canvases to decorate my new home for L Hunley Photography. And then I ran into a red light. A total stop to what I was so anxious and excited to tell everyone about. So that's one big contributor to my down in the dumps 2016. 

My inquiries have been slow and those that do inquire don't write back after I send out my pricing which is such a discouragement because you don't know if it's just you or your pricing or what it is! You get on Facebook and everyone is talking about their new awesome goals and their new shiny equipment or business plans and I just feel like "where do I start?" Id like to implement a new structure but I'm scared. So maybe I'll put it on the back burner. 

I want to say we have all been there, right? Creatives like us struggle with self worth. I struggle daily with the "am I good enough?" "why am I not hearing from anyone" "is there an inquiry in my email box?" "let me check Facebook to see if anyone is interested." "oh theres a new message, maybe its a wedding inquiry!" "maybe there is some comments or 'like's on instagram." 

You guys. This has got to stop. And let me tell you what I'm doing to turn this around. I'm in a way better place than I was even a week ago. First things first 

1. Delete Facebook off of your phone.  Seriously do it.  Keep messenger, keep your pages app. But delete Facebook. Save that for a time when you can sit down and open up your laptop. Start living life. Stop scrolling mindlessly. 

2. It's a slow season guys. People who have just gotten engaged over the holidays are still looking to tackle down a venue. Be patient.  

3. If something doesn't work out the way you had originally planned. Pray about it.  Realize that God has your best interest in mind and rest in that.  Pray for His will to be done and not yours within your business.  

4. Just wait. Just listen. Just educate.  In these winter months take this time to brush up on your website that you may have been neglecting. Organize files. Write down a blogging plan and try to stick with it. Straighten out your finances. And most importantly spend time with your loved ones.  This is the slow season. Be present with them. 

Stay encouraged and enjoy this slow time. Even though it can feel discouraging because it's quiet. Just rest in the quiet. Take time to really set your priorities straight. Just know you're not alone.

Below was my devotion for today. Now tell me God doesn't speak to you through others! 


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